Bent Vision Productions is based in Orlando Florida, however certain projects can be completed over distances. All projects vary in complexity and duration, so contact us today with a proper description of your project for a free quote.


  • Narrative Films: Where there is a story, there is potential for a great movie. We will be there to help make your's a reality.
  • Music Videos: An extremely potent way of getting exposure for music artists. With our help you can have incredible imagery to compliment your music.
  • Commercials: Every brand needs proper representation in an open market and we aim to create relevant, responsible, and attractive advertising for your company.
  • Event Videography: If you have any type of event from a wedding to a concert, we want to make sure it is one that will be remembered.


  • Photography: If you desire a personal, conceptual, or event photo shoot, we have the equipment and the expertise to find and capture the beauty in everything.
  • Illustration: For a more classic approach to image design, we have artists with the imagination and ability to bring any concept to paper or canvas.
  • Graphic Design: Digital image editing with the potential to incorporate multiple image forms to create the perfect composition.


If you have recorded material that either needs to be cleaned or compiled into a larger composition, we have the capability to do so.

Website Development:

Through our affiliate Iron Summit Media Strateiges, we provide full website development and management.